Cake Options

Sheet Cakes


A traditional sheet cake is a single layer cake which provides about 24 servings or more.   Square cakes also available for less servings. 

Double Layer Cakes

Double layer cake with sugar pearls and roses.

Double layer cake is approximately 4" tall, made up of 2 cakes with a filling in between.

Tiered Cakes


 Tiered cakes are at least 2 double layer cakes of different sizes stacked on top of one another.  Not just for weddings any more! 

Shaped Cakes


Shaped cakes are typically carved from a sheet cake into various things (numbers, instruments, characters and many more).

3D & Sculpted Cakes


These cakes are raised cakes, cut to the shape of many items (cars, animals, boats, airplanes, grills, etc.).  

Corporate Cakes


These cakes are used for special events (retirements, anniversaries, milestones, launching new products, etc.) 

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