Only need a cake pan or cake stand for an event and don’t want to buy and store it, give us a call to see if we have what you need and just rent it for a couple of days.

All pans can be rented for only $5 per pan for 2 days. There is a $30 security deposit which will be refunded when the clean pan(s) are returned, on time, in the same condition as when they left. Advance notice is usually required, last minute requests may be honored depending on our baking needs.

Current list of cake pans available – please call

Cake stands can also be rented for a 3 day period for $25 per stand. The amount of the security deposit depends on which cake or cupcake stand you borrow. When the stand is returned on time, in the same condition as it left us, you will receive the security deposit back.

Current list of cake stands available – please call